Fibre Drum Products


Fibre drums offer cost-effective packs for transportation and storage solutions for a wide range of solid & liquid products. Fibre drums can also meet UN standards for hazardous goods. While being lightweight, they are strong in construction and can be treated to withstand wet and cold environments.


IBCs - Intermediate Bulk Containers


Stacked IBCs Square IBCs with Rounded Corners
Stacked IBCs
IBC - Square Round
Octagonal IBCs

Round and Stacked IBCs

Octagonal IBC
IBCs suitable for high density products



Standard Chimbed Fibre Drum

Able to be screen-printed or decorated with a coloured or printed outer. Available in sizes 50 – 250 litres.


temp image


Low Cost Fibre Option

External printing. Plastic lids, top and bottom, which can be stitched or taped to the drum body. Available in sizes 50 – 250 litres


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Weather Proof

PET coated drums stored outside.

Polysleeved Fibre Drum

For outside storage. Robust & durable with UV inhibitors. Easily recycled or reusable. Available in sizes 50 – 250 litres.


Square IBC - Weatherproof


Budget Tomato Paste Drum

Robust & durable with UV inhibitors. Easily recycled.







IBC’s can be stacked 4 high to save space.

Intermediate Bulk Container ( IBC )

800 - 1250 litre. Includes integrated pallet designed for heavy & high value products. Can be stored outside.

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