K-Pack International has the engineering resources to design and manufacture all machinery to produce any range of fibre drum. This can be an in-house fibre drum production line for high volume users of drums or complete automated lines for green field operations. Production lines can be tailored to suit demands.

Fibre drums can be designed to suit specific needs. Machinery can be supplied to produce the drum.

  • K-Pack have proven ability in the market for IBC's (Intermediate Bulk Containers) and fibre drum machinery.
  • Sales & technical back up for customers.
  • Marketing & Technical support.

K-Pack International Services include the:

  • Design of fibre packaging all shapes and sizes.
  • Manufacture & supply of machinery to produce any range of fibre drum.
  • Plant layout.
  • Installation and on site commissioning of machinery.
  • Supply of all operation & service manuals.
  • Recommended raw materials.
  • Recommended QC procedures.
  • On going technical support.
  • Supply of machinery to existing Fibre Drum Operations.
  • Updates on new developments.

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